The services offered by Kairi Consultants Limited include the following:
bullet Agriculture and Food
bullet Environmental Management and Natural Resource Development
bullet Education and Training
bullet Social Sector Development
bullet Trade, Industry and Economics
bullet Business Support Services
bullet Project Management Services
bullet Support Services

Agriculture and Food

bullet Agronomy of Tropical Crops
bullet Assessment of Agricultural Research Institutions and Extension
bullet Services
bullet Economics
bullet Entomology
bullet Food and Nutrition
bullet Insurance
bullet Investment
bullet Management
bullet Marketing
bullet Policy
bullet Post-harvest Technology
bullet Production Systems
bullet Research and Development
bullet Rural Development
bullet Soils

Environmental Management and Natural Resource Development

bullet Community Development and Popular Participation
bullet Coastal Zone Management
bullet Environmental Law
bullet Environmental Auditing
bullet Environmental Economics
bullet Environmental Impact Assessment
bullet Environmental Management
bullet Environmental Planning
bullet Interpretation of Environmental Analytical Analyses
bullet Regional Planning and Land Management
bullet Socio-economic Impact Assessment
bullet Socio-economic Planning and Analysis
bullet Waste Management
bullet Water Resource Management
bullet Watershed Management

Education and Training

bullet Administration
bullet Curriculum Development and Evaluation
bullet Human Resources Planning and Educational Planning
bullet Organisation Development
bullet Management Information Systems
bullet Coordination, Design, Development, Evaluation and Implementation of Training Programmes

Social Sector Development

bullet Analysis of Social Services Delivery Systems
bullet Development of Governmental/Non-Governmental Organisations
bullet Financial Management
bullet Health and Nutrition
bullet Human Resource Development
bullet Management Information Systems
bullet Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Systems
bullet Poverty Reduction and Alleviation
bullet Public Education and Awareness
bullet Training

Trade, Industry and Economics

bullet Employment
bullet Income Distribution
bullet Labour Migration
bullet Policy Analysis
bullet Regional Integration
bullet Poverty
bullet Export Promotion
bullet Foreign Investment
bullet Project Appraisal and Evaluation
bullet Trade Agreements
bullet Trade Development
bullet Trade Policy

Business Support Services

bullet Marketing Management and Market Studies
bullet Feasibility Studies, Impact Assessments
bullet Organisational Development and Institutional Strengthening
- Business Process Re-engineering
- Total Quality Management
- Management Audit (including Financial and HRM)
- Information Technology and Information Systems Improvements
- Mediation and Facilitation Services
bullet Human Resource Management
- Human Resource Development
- Quality of Work-Life Surveys
- Training and Development
bullet Research and Development

Project Management Services

bullet Project or Programme Implementation
bullet Project Management and Evaluation

Support Services

The Company is supported by a wide range of office support services, including

bullet Research Associates who assist the consultants in the conduct of studies.
bullet Secretarial services
bullet An extensive computerised system that includes:
computers for word processing, graphics, data processing, statistical, financial and economic analyses.
bullet A publications department well staffed by typesetters and editors.
bullet A documentation unit consisting of over 2,000 documents/publications.
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West Indies

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