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Forthcoming Changes in EU Sugar: Options For An Effective Competitiveness Package For Trinidad and Tobago – Delegation of the European Union/DFID

This study examined the challenges faced by Trinidad and Tobago in continuing the production of sugar-cane in the light of the decision of the European Union, in July of 2005, to reduce the guaranteed price paid for sugar to ACP and European producers.

The principal objective of the study was to identify a detailed menu of options (including potential levels of finance/disbursement mechanisms, targets for disbursements, as well as potential reimbursement of funds already spent on restructuring) for an effective restructuring package for Trinidad and Tobago, that will address the impact of the EU reform at the economic, social and environmental level.

Caroni Re-vestment 2002 – Government of Trinidad and Tobago

In 1999, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, under its Divestment Secretariat, established a Project Management Team (PMT) to oversee a phased participation of the private sector in the operations of Government-subsidised sugar producing company – Caroni (1975) Limited, with the aim of stemming the flow of large financial losses being incurred by the company. The consultant was required to review the information provided by the PMT and other data on Caroni 1975 Limited, in order to take action that would put the company on sound financial footing.

Citrus Replanting Project: Public Education Programme - Government of Jamaica

The consultant was contracted to assist the Ministry of Agriculture in Jamaica to sensitise the public at large to the threat posed by the Citrus Tristeza Virus (CTV), the action that would be necessary to minimise the adverse impact of the disease, and the public role in that regard.

Feasibility Study for the Expansion of the Arrowroot Industry, St. Vincent and the Grenadines – Phase II: Strategic Action Plan – Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

As a follow-up to the preliminary study, the consultant was required to formulate a strategic action plan to implement the expansion and restructuring of the Arrowroot Industry in SVG.

Socio-economic Impact of Restructuring the St. Vincent Banana Industry – European Development Fund

The consultant created a socio-economic database and assessed active and ex-banana male and female farmers, and labourers affected by changes in the Banana Industry; determined the knowledge and attitude of farmers to the restructuring process and programme; determined the opportunity and potential for small farmer cooperatives; and derived a list of project proposals emanating from ideas generated by farmers and other stakeholders.

Expansion of the Arrowroot Industry – St. Vincent and the Grenadines – Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The consultant determined the feasibility of expanding and restructuring the Arrowroot Industry in SVG by conducting diagnostic assessments and reviews of the Industry, and developing strategic options/alternatives for the Industry’s restructuring programme from which an appropriate option would be selected to take the Industry forward.

Caribbean Development Bank Representation on Windward Islands Banana Industry Task Force – Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

CDB engaged the services of the consultant to represent its organisation on the Task Force established by the Governments of the Windward Islands to deal with problems associated with the Banana Industry. The consultant reviewed the reports and recommendations of financial and institutional studies undertaken on the industry; determining any institutional or operational changes made since completing the reports; identified any changes that were recommended but not implemented; determined the changes that might be necessary for enhancing the operational and structural character of the respective institutions; and analysed the impact of the changes that were and those that were considered necessary.

Quality of Work Life Survey and Human Resource Audit of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute – FAO

The consultant conducted a survey and evaluation of data on the quality of work life among the employees of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute.

Mealybug Control and Agricultural Modernisation Programme – Government of Grenada

The consultant developed and managed a national programme to control the Pink Mealybug in Grenada.

Study to Assess the Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts of CDB-financed Agricultural Feeder Roads Constructed in Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis and St. Lucia – CDB

The consultant conducted economic, social and environmental impacts of Agricultural Feeder Roads throughout the islands.

Development of a Time-Phased Action Programme to Incorporate the International Competitiveness of the Windward Islands Banana Industry – CDB

The consultant developed an Action Plan to ensure the continued viability of the Banana Industry of the Windward Islands, including the impact of macro and agricultural sector policies on the attainment of international competitiveness in the industry, the development of an investment strategy and the preparation of business plans for the industry.

Development of a Beef Cattle Enterprise – IT McLeod Partnership Limited

The consultant conducted a feasibility analysis of a proposed large-scale beef cattle enterprise in Guyana.

Development of Forestry Products in Guyana – IT McLeod Partnership Limited

The consultant conducted a feasibility analysis of a proposed large-scale forestry project in Guyana.

Evaluation of the Livestock Development Corporation of Guyana – IT McLeod Partnership Limited

The consultant conducted technical and financial evaluations of the Livestock Development Company Limited, a State-owned Company in Guyana, so as to advise potential investors about investing opportunities in this Company.

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