Since the early years in its operations, Kairi Consultants Ltd has had to provide advice to its clients grappling with realities of the human resource challenge that has afflicted the transformation process in a number of jurisdictions in the Caribbean and in Southern Africa. Large numbers of people have been through the school system, but exit without the requisites to adapt to a rapidly changing technological and trade environment. Even some of those with formal qualifications are ill-equipped to spear-head the attack on the host of problems faced by many of their countries.

Kairi Institute of Knowledge (KIK) has been formed to conduct research and to assist individuals and communities in availing themselves efficiently of various modes of empowerment through knowledge. KIK’s objective is to develop creative solutions for its clients, using methods conceived largely from outside the very institutional structures responsible for education and training.

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14 Cochrane Street
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
West Indies

Telephone: (868) 663–2677, 663–1442
Fax: (868) 663–1442



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