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The Mission of Kairi Consultants Limited is to be a dynamic company, consulting globally, recognised world-wide for the provision of services of the highest quality and guided by sound business ethics. More specifically the company will:


consistently provide quality technical support and services to its clients in the private, public and non-governmental sectors;


provide career advancement opportunities for all its employees; and


create value for its clients, employees and shareholders.

Thus Kairi Consultants Limited, through its activities, will contribute significantly to sustainable human development.

map_4.gif (6112 bytes) KAIRI CONSULTANTS LTD

14 Cochrane Street
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
West Indies

Telephone: (868) 6632677, 6631442
Fax: (868) 6631442
Web: http://www.kairi.com
E-mail: mail@kairi.com 



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